Bru Laín Escandell – Property, Government and Basic Income

Interview with Bru Laín Escandell Maciej Szlinder: You worked a lot on the topic of American republicanism, especially on the role of Jefferson. What is his most important contribution to the republican thinking? Jefferson modernized the republican thought at the end of 18th century, although he kept a strong classical pastoralism ideal. He adapted the ancient republican […]

David Casassas – For markets, against capitalism: Basic income as a part of anticapitalist project

Interview with David Casassas Maciej Szlinder: In your book you’ve analysed the thought of very known philosopher and classical economist Adam Smith. Being a leftist what have you found interesting in this icon of free-market and contemporary liberal thinkers? David Casassas: One thing you can do if you want to think in emancipatory terms is to […]

Antoni Domènech – Republicanism, Socialism and Basic Income

Interview with Antoni Domènech Maciej Szlinder: You perceive your academic work as a part of Marxist, socialist tradition. What in your opinion are the most important Marxist’s arguments for basic income? Antoni Domènech: I’ve been interested in basic income for 20 years. I sympathise with this idea, but I’m not so much engaged theoretically and […]

Jurgen De Wispelaere – Exciting times ahead: Experiments and the politics of basic income

Interview with Jurgen De Wispelaere Maciej Szlinder: 2015 seemed to be a quite good year for basic income supporters. Basic income experiments are planned to be conducted in several municipalities in Holland and the Finnish government announced that they plan to conduct a national experiment in 2017. As you are involved in the latter project, […]

Daniel Raventós – Basic Income in the Spotlight in Spain

Interview with Daniel Raventós Maciej Szlinder: You are president of Red Renta Básica (The Spanish Basic Income Network). How was this organisation established and what are its main achievements? Daniel Raventós: The organisation was founded in 2001, so it has been in existence for thirteen years. The most successful point in our whole history is […]